“Our philosophy at heart is to supply plantation fresh, gourmet grade and truly authentic regional spices without cutting corners. Small or Big, we pride ourselves in setting up a highly customized catering or trade solution for our clients and partners. Today we have 85+ long term trade and catering relationships including multiple Michelin rated chefs, catering teams and trade partners using BanyanTree Spices. With round the clock customer service and a deep rooted delivery network providing supplies 5 days a week across entire UK & Europe, we will ensure that our clients are never out of stock on BanyanTree Catering or Store Cupboard spices”

BanyanTree Team
BanyanTree Foods is an employee owned initiative born out of our collective love for exceptional food. With an Asian plantation network carefully built over 25 years, it only focuses on delivering an extra fine and plantation fresh grade of traditional spices and spice derivatives. It’s direct distribution team today supplies to award winning Hospitality & Consumer staples brands in UK & Europe. It works as a product partner to 5 out of 7 Michelin star Indian restaurants in London. Working closely with acclaimed chefs and catering teams, good food enthusiasts, travel and food writers, regional chefs etc. it attempts to bring forward a defining range of plantation fresh spices, deep regional spice blends, and bespoke freshly ground spices supporting food service, wholesale and retail market requirements.