Established in 1998, NDML continues to provide award-winning, specialist insurance services to the late night leisure industry, including nightclubs, bars, hotels, restaurants and gaming/amusement venues (this list is not exhaustive). As the premier broker in this sector, we understand the diverse trading styles and associated risks that establishments face on a daily basis, thus provide comprehensive cover at a competitive price to suit all individual requirements.


Our team of specialists offer face to face reviews, dedicated in house account handling and award-winning claims management. Every enquiry and insurance claim is dealt with professionalism and efficiency; on-going praise from satisfied clients can be found on our case studies page.


In a society that is heavily influenced by the ‘no win, no fee’ culture, it is ever more important that companies trading in the leisure industry have adequate protection for all aspects of their business.

Unfortunately, due to the diverse trading styles and activities of the industry, both physical and legal risks are probable as the general public become more aware of their rights. We are fully aware of the litigious culture, thus offer bespoke, tailored-made policies specifically designed to meet the individual requirements of our various clients. We boast being able to place an inexhaustive list of insurance needs, many of which are exclusive products unattainable through any other broker in the UK.