Concept: the Privilege Card is a three-way membership scheme unifying and benefiting consumers, businesses and their suppliers under one system!

How the Privilege Card membership works:

1) Consumers:  an annual membership will give access to a multitude of benefits, privileges, value-added services and (nominal) discounts across all our partner businesses. These include a growing and diverse range of businesses, starting mainly with restaurants for the time being. The membership will expand into other areas, including; online and retail shops, travel agents, fashion/jewellery outlets, spas, hotels, restaurants, fitness and well-being centres and other consumer-facing businesses.

2) Businesses: All businesses benefit from an annual membership by; a) securing and strengthening their existing customer loyalty base and attracting a completely new clientèle without the need to offer mass-discount promotions. b) benefiting directly with reduced costs and special concessions from their suppliers.

3) Suppliers:  privileged and vetted access to a wide range of businesses buying at a wholesale level. For the time being, we are focussing on the restaurant/hospitality trade. Other sectors will be activated in due course.

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